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phpWebFileManager is a standard Web File Manager written in PHP4. It its purely written only with PHP and HTML. No Javascript and no database for maximum compatibility across all browsers. However CSS maybe implemented but only for fonts and background color, for most browser this isn't a problem.

  • Upload Single or Multiple Files
  • Copy File
  • Rename File
  • Delete File
  • Refresh Screen
  • Column Sorting
  • Folder / Subdirectory creation option
  • Locale Language (Currently supports English-US, German, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish & Hungarian)
  • CSS used for font and color definition
  • File and Directory Find Feature
  • Export all Files and Directories as tgz (Tar and Gzip)
  • Import compress file tgz (Tar and Gzip) and decompress at root level

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phpFileManagerWeb Team Members

  Project Lead, Developer & WebMaster - Jason Lam
    Jason is a wireless and open source developer enthusiast who enjoys creating synergy and sharing knowledge in the software development world. To learn more about him visit his personal site at

Other Contributions
Fixed German Translation Alexandru Hartmann & Andreas Erhart
Danish Translation by Thomas Glue Jensen
Spanish Translation by José Antonio Garcia-Luengo Puig
Hungarian Translation by Fabian Zoltan
General Thank you for all those who sent me bug fixes!

Included in the download is an INSTALL file that contains the installation instructions

This product is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. This license is found at This license is include in the download as well in the COPYING file

© 2003 by The phpWebFileManager Project Team